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Ruhr Economic Papers is a joint publication series of the economic departments of Ruhr-Universität Bochum, University of Dortmund, University of Duisburg-Essen and RWI. The Ruhr Graduate School in Economics (RGS Econ) is co-editor. Ruhr Economic Papers present latest research results of the participating institutions to the scientific research community before being published in scientific journals. The papers published within the series constitute work in progress that is circulated in order to stimulate discussion and critical comments. Views expressed represent exclusively the authors' own opinions and do not necessarily reflect those of the publishers.

Responsible editors:

  • Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB): Prof. Dr. Thomas K. Bauer
  • RWI: Prof. Dr. Ronald Bachmann, Prof. Dr. Manuel Frondel, Prof. Dr. Torsten Schmidt, Prof. Dr. Ansgar Wübker
  • TU Dortmund (TUD): Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Leininger
  • University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE): Prof. Dr. Volker Clausen

Editorial Office:

Sabine Weiler, RWI, .


The Papers are downloadable as pdf-files from the RWI homepage ( or at the Social Science Research Network ( Printed versions are available on request.

Ruhr Economic Papers 2022

Nr 933
Bachmann, R., M. Gonschor, P. Lewandowski and K. Madon
The Impact of Robots on Labour Market Transitions in Europe

Ruhr Economic Papers 2021

Nr 931
Beber, B.
Do Peacekeepers Contain Conflict? Insights from Spatially Disaggregated Data

Nr 930
Yegbemey, R. N., G. Bensch and C. Vance
Weather Information for Smallholders: Evidence from a Pilot Field Experiment in Benin

Nr 929
Kamb, R. and M. Tamm
The Fertility Effects of School Entry Decisions

Nr 928
Storm, E.
Task Specialization and the Native-Foreign Wage Gap: Evidence from Worker-level Data

Nr 927
Arce-Alfaro, G. and B. Blagov
Heterogeneity, Co-movements and Financial Fragmentation within the Euro Area

Nr 926
Rhoden, I., D. Weller and A. Voit
Spatio-temporal Dynamics of European Innovation - An Exploratory Approach via Multivariate Functional Data Cluster Analysis

Nr 925
Rogna, M. and C. Vogt
Accounting for Inequality Aversion Can Justify the 2° C Goal

Nr 924
Ebert, C., S. Klasen and S. Vollmer
Counting Missing Women – A Reconciliation of the ’Flow Measure’ and the ’Stock Measure’

Nr 923
Brosig-Koch, J., M. Groß, H. Hennig-Schmidt, N. Kairies-Schwarz and D. Wiesen
Physicians’ Incentives, Patients’ Characteristics, and Quality of Care: A Systematic Experimental Comparison of Fee-for-Service, Capitation, and Pay For Performance

Nr 922
Roos, M. W.M. and M. Reccius
Narratives in Economics

Nr 921
Blagov, B., H. Müller, C. Jentsch and T. Schmidt
The Investment Narrative – Improving Private Investment Forecasts with Media Data

Nr 920
Gathmann, C., C. Vonnahme, A. Busse and J. Kim
Marginal Returns to Citizenship and Educational Performance

Nr 919
Schiele, V. and H. Schmitz
Understanding Cognitive Decline in Older Ages: The Role Of Health Shocks

Nr 917
Roos, M. W.M., J. Reale and F. Banning
The Effects of Incentives, Social Norms, and Employees’ Values on Work Performance?

Nr 916
Frings, H. and R. Kamb
What Explains the Urban Wage Premium? Sorting, Non-Portable or Portable Agglomeration Effects?

Nr 915
Lafférs, L. and B. Schmidpeter
Mothers‘ Job Search After Childbirth

Nr 914
Bonakdar, S. Benjamin
Segregation, Housing and Neighborhood Dissimilarities: A Case Study for the City of Bochum

Nr 913
Haering, A.
Framing Decisions in Experiments on Higher-Order Risk Preferences

Nr 912
Somanathan, E., R. Somanathan, A. Sudarshan and M. Tewari
The Impact of Temperature on Productivity and Labor Supply: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing

Nr 911
Galecka-Burdziak, E., M. Góra, J. Jessen, R. Jessen and J. Kluve
The Effects of Shortening Potential Benefit Duration: Evidence from Regional Cut-offs and a Policy Reform

Nr 910
Martinez Flores, F., S. Milusheva and A. R. Reichert
Climate Anomalies and International Migration: A Disaggregated Analysis for West Africa

Nr 908
Dong, S. and M. Sinning
Trying to Make a Good First Impression: A Natural Field Experiment to Engage New Entrants to the Tax System

Nr 907
Alem, Y.
Mitigating Climate Change through Sustainable Technology Adoption: Insights from Cookstove Interventions

Nr 906
Fels, K. M.
Who Nudges Whom? Field Experiments with Public Partners

Nr 905
Themann, M.
At Boiling Point: Temperature Shocks in Global Business Groups

Nr 904
Themann, M. and N. Koch
Catching up and Falling behind: Cross-Country Evidence on the Impact of the EU ETS on Firm Productivity

Nr 903
Frondel, M., D. Osberghaus and S. Sommer
Corona and the Stability of Personal Traits and Preferences: Evidence from Germany

Nr 902
Usmani, F., M. Jeuland and S. Pattanayak
NGOs and the Effectiveness of Interventions

Nr 901
Guinnane, T. W. and J. Streb
The Introduction of Bismarck’s Social Security System and Its Effects on Marriage and Fertility in Prussia

Nr 900
Sinning, M. and Y. Zhang
Social Norms or Enforcement? A Natural Field Experiment to Improve Traffic and Parking Fine Compliance

Nr 899
Arce-Alfaro, G. and B. Blagov
Monetary Policy Uncertainty and Inflation Expectations

Nr 897
Sriubaite , I.
Who will be the Mediator? Local Politics and Hospital Closures in Germany

Nr 896
Frondel, M., C. Marggraf, S. Sommer and C. Vance
Reducing Vehicle Cold Start Emissions through Carbon Pricing: Evidence from Germany

Nr 895
Alem, Y. and E. Dugoua
Learning from Unincentivized and Incentivized Communication: A Randomized Controlled Trial in India

Nr 894
Bonakdar, S. Benjamin and M. W.M. Roos
Dissimilarity Effects on House Prices: What Is the Value of Similar Neighbours?

Nr 893
Sommer, S. and C. Vance
Do More Chargers Mean More Electric Cars?

Nr 892
Alberini, A., M. Horvath and C. Vance
Drive Less, Drive Better, or Both? Behavioral Adjustments to Fuel Price Changes in Germany

Nr 891
Hirt-Schierbaum, L. and M. Ivets
Incentivizing Motivation and Self-Control Preferences

Ruhr Economic Papers 2020

Nr 890
Bachmann, R., G. Demir and H. Frings
Labour Market Polarisation, Job Tasks and Monopsony Power

Nr 889
Bachmann, R. and G. Stepanyan
It’s a Woman’s World? Occupational Structure and the Rise of Female Employment in Germany

Nr 888
Wende, D., T. Kopetsch and W. Richter
Planning Health Care Capacities with a Gravity Equation

Nr 887
Vollstaedt, U., P. Imcke, F. Brendel and C. Ehses- Friedrich
Increasing Consumer Surplus through a Novel Product Testing Mechanism

Nr 886
Bredtmann, J.
Immigration and Electoral Outcomes: Evidence from the 2015 Refugee Inflow to Germany

Nr 885
Alem, Y. and R. Ruhinduka
Saving Africa’s Tropical Forests through Energy Transition: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Tanzania

Nr 884
Dehos, F.
Legal Access to Alcohol and Its Impact on Drinking and Crime

Nr 883
Principe, F. and V. Carrieri
Health‘s Kitchen: TV, Edutainment and Nutrition

Nr 882
von Bismarck-Osten, C., K. Borusyak and U. Schönberg
The Role of Schools in Transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Germany

Nr 881
Hirt-Schierbaum, L. and M. Ivets
You Can Win by Losing! Using Self-Betting as a Commitment Device: Evidence from a Weight Loss Program

Nr 880
Döhrn, R.
Are German National Accounts Informational Efficient?

Nr 879
Tomberg, L., K. Smith Stegen and C. Vance
"The Mother of all Political Problems"? On Asylum Seekers and Elections

Nr 878
Choda, A., A. Schoofs and N. Verrinder
Improving Housing Conditions: Labelled Loans in Kenya and Uganda

Nr 877
Stroka-Wetsch, M.
Regional Variation in the Supply of General and Medical Practitioners and its Consequences for lnpatient Service Utilization

Nr 875
Neumann, U. and S. Schaffner
Neighbourhood-level Variation in the Risk of Private Credit Default – a Driver of Urban Residential Segregation?

Nr 874
Alem, Y., S. Hassen and G. Köhlin
Decision-making within the Household: The Role of Autonomy and Differences in Preferences

Nr 873
Sommer, S., L. Mattauch and M. Pahle
Supporting Carbon Taxes: The Role of Fairness

Nr 872
Barriga, A., N. T.N. Ferguson, N. Fiala and M. Leroch
Ethnic Cooperation and Conflict in Kenya

Nr 871
Andor, M. A., A. Gerster and J. Peters
Information Campaigns for Residential Energy Conservation

Nr 870
Andor, M. A., D. H. Bernstein and S. Sommer
Determining the Efficiency of Residential Electricity Consumption

Nr 869
Frondel, M. and S. Schubert
Carbon Pricing in Germany’s Road Transport and Housing Sector: Options for Reimbursing Carbon Revenues

Nr 868
Bünnings, C., L. Hafner, S. Reif and H. Tauchmann
In Sickness and in Health? Health Shocks and Relationship Breakdown: Empirical Evidence from Germany

Nr 867
Fuest, A. and T. Schmidt
Inflation Expectation Uncertainty in a New Keynesian Framework

Nr 866
Schmidpeter, B.
The Long-Term Labor Market Effects of Parental Unemployment

Nr 865
Rogna, M. and C. Vogt
Coalition Formation with Optimal Transfers when Players are Heterogeneous and Inequality Averse

Nr 864
Fetter, T. and F. Usmani
Fracking, Farmers, and Rural Electrification in India

Nr 863
Schmitz, H. and T. Mayrhofer
Prudence and Prevention – Empirical Evidence

Nr 862
Höckel, L.
Speaking the Same Language – The Effect of Foreign Origin Teachers on Students’ Language Skills

Nr 861
Lediga, C.
The Impact of Internet Penetration on Corporate Income Tax Filing in South Africa

Nr 860
D'Orazio, P.
The Impact of Climate-Related Fiscal and Financial Policies on Carbon Emissions in G20 countries – A Panel Quantile Regression Approach

Nr 859
D'Orazio, P.
COVID-19 and Financial Markets: Assessing the Impact of the Coronavirus on the Eurozone

Nr 858
Dorner, M. and K. Görlitz
Training, Wages and a Missing School Graduation Cohort

Nr 857
Zeyer-Gliozzo, B.
Returns to Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Training for Workers at Risk of Automation

Nr 856
Ebert, C., E. Heesemann and S. Vollmer
Encouraging Parents to Invest: A Randomized Trial with two Simple Interventions in Early Childhood

Nr 855
Westphal, M., D. A. Kamhöfer and H. Schmitz
Marginal College Wage Premiums under Selection into Employment

Nr 854
Bauermann, T., M. W.M. Roos and F. Schaff
POSA: Policy Implementation Sensitivity Analysis

Nr 853
Prüser, J. and T. Schmidt
Regional Composition of National House Price Cycles in the US

Nr 852
Christofzik, D., A. Fuest and R. Jessen
Macroeconomic Effects of the Anticipation and Implementation of Tax Changes in Germany: Evidence from a Narrative Account

Nr 851
Kozhaya, M. and F. Martinez Flores
Schooling and Child Labor: Evidence from Mexico’s Full-Time School Program

Nr 850
Kaeding, M.
Efficient Bayesian Nonparametric Hazard Regression

Nr 849
Pilny, A. and F. Roesel
Are Doctors Better Health Ministers?

Nr 848
Siebert, J. and G. Yang
Coordination Problems Triggered by Sunspots in the Laboratory

Nr 847
Bauermann, T.
Governmental Policies to Reduce Unemployment during Recessions - Insights from an ABM

Nr 846
Werbeck, A., A. Wübker and N. R. Ziebarth
Cream Skimming by Health Care Providers and Inequality in Health Care Access: Evidence From a Randomized Field Experiment

Nr 845
Siebert, J.
Are the Poor More Impatient Than the Rich? Experimental Evidence on the Effect of (Lab) Wealth on Intertemporal Preferences

Nr 844
Giesecke, M. and P. Jäger
Pension Incentives and Labor Supply: Evidence from the Introduction of Universal Old-Age Assistance in the UK

Nr 843
Belke, A. and D. Gros
The Euro Area Imbalances Narrative in a Franco-German Perspective: the Importance of the Longer-Run View

Nr 842
Cisneros, E., K. Kis-Katos and N. Nuryartono
Palm Oil and the Politics of Deforestation in Indonesia

Nr 841
Andor, M. A., M. Frondel and M. Horvath
Consequentiality, Elicitation Formats, and the Willingness-To-Pay for Green Electricity: Evidence from Germany

Nr 840
Bensch, G., G. Gotz and J. Peters
Effects of Rural Electrification on Employment: A Comment on Dinkelman (2011)

Nr 839
Han, J., N. Kairies-Schwarz and M. Vomhof
Quality Provision in Competitive Health Care Markets – Individuals vs. Teams

Nr 838
Schlösser, A.
Forecasting Industrial Production in Germany: The Predictive Power of Leading Indicators

Nr 837
Aßhoff, S., A. Belke and T. Osowski
Unconventional Monetary Policy and Inflation Expectations in the Euro Area

Ruhr Economic Papers 2019

Nr 836
Horvath, M.
Germany‘s Market Transparency Unit for Fuels: Fostering Collusion or Competition?

Nr 835
Schmidpeter, B. and R. Winter-Ebmer
Automation, Offshoring, and the Role of Public Policies

Nr 834
Schmidpeter, B.
Does Stress Shorten Your Life? Evidence from Parental Bereavement

Nr 833
Döhrn, R.
Comparing Forecast Accuracy in Small Samples

Nr 832
Frondel, M., S. Sommer and L. Tomberg
WTA-WTP Disparity: The Role of Perceived Realism of the Valuation Setting

Nr 831
Belke, A. and J. Klose
Safe Haven Flows, Natural Interest Rates and Secular Stagnation - Empirical Evidence for Euro Area Countries

Nr 830
Micheli, M.
Labor Market Effects of Minimum Wage Shocks

Nr 829
Micheli, M.
It Is Real: On the Relation Between Minimum Wages and Labor Market Outcomes for Teenagers

Nr 828
Liu, C. and M. Saam
ICT and Productivity Growth within Value Chains

Nr 827
Belke, A., S. Elstner and S. Rujin
Growth Prospects and the Trade Balance in Advanced Economies

Nr 826
Belke, A. and P. Goemans
Uncertainty and Non-Linear Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Policy in the US: A SEIVAR-Based Analysis

Nr 825
Großkurth, P.
MNE and Where to Find Them: an Intertemporal Perspective on the Global Ownership Network

Nr 824
Heiss, F., S. Hetzenecker and M. Osterhaus
Nonparametric Estimation of the Random Coefficients Model: An Elastic Net Approach

Nr 823
Bauer, T. K., C. Rulff and M. Tamminga
Berlin Calling – Internal Migration in Germany

Nr 822
Breidenbach, P., J. P. Cohen and S. Schaffner
Continuation of Air Services at Berlin-Tegel and its Effects on Rental Prices

Nr 820
Chandler, V., D. Heger and C. Wuckel
The Perils of Returning to School - New Insights into the Seasonality of Youth Suicides

Nr 819
Bonakdar, S. Benjamin
Endogenous Segregation Dynamics and Housing Market Interactions: An ABM Approach

Nr 818
Belke, A. and U. Volz
The Yen Exchange Rate and the Hollowing Out of the Japanese Industry

Nr 817
Belke, A., C. Frenzel Baudisch and M. Göcke
Interest Rate Bands of Inaction and Play-Hysteresis in Domestic Investment - Evidence for the Euro Area

Nr 815
Belke, A. and J. Klose
Forecasting ECB Policy Rates with Different Monetary Policy Rules

Nr 814
Jessen, J. and J. Kluve
The Effectiveness of Interventions to Reduce Informality in Low- and Middle Income Countries

Nr 813
Korfhage, T.
Long-Run Consequences of Informal Elderly Care and Implications of Public Long-Term Care Insurance

Nr 812
Giesecke, M. and E. Schuss
Heterogeneity in Marginal Returns to Language Training of Immigrants

Nr 811
Großkurth, P.
Dynamic Structure - Dynamic Results? Re-estimating Profit Shifting with Historical Ownership Data

Nr 810
Frondel, M., M. Horvath, C. Vance and A. Kihm
Increased Market Transparency in Germany’s Gasoline Market: What about Rockets and Feathers?

Nr 809
Leininger, W.
Is it really Overdissipation? A Reassessment of Evolutionarily Stable Behavior in Contests

Nr 808
Jäger, P.
The Introduction of Social Pensions and Elderly Mortality: Evidence 1870-1939

Nr 806
Rujin, S.
What Are the Effects of Technology Shocks on International Labor Markets?

Nr 805
Fels, M.
Risk Attitudes with State-Dependent Indivisibilities in Consumption

Nr 804
Breidenbach, P., L. Eilers and J. Fries
Rent Control and Rental Prices: High Expectations, High Effectiveness?

Nr 802
Blattman, C., N. Fiala and S. Martinez
The Long Term Impacts of Grants on Poverty: 9-Year Evidence from Uganda’s Youth Opportunities Program

Nr 801
Belke, A. and M. Göcke
Interest Rate Hysteresis in Macroeconomic Investment under Uncertainty

Nr 800
Giesecke, M.
The Retirement Mortality Puzzle: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design

Nr 799
Lehrer, S. F., R. Vincent Pohl and K. Song
Multiple Testing and the Distributional Effects of Accountability Incentives in Education

Nr 798
Roller, C., C. Rulff and M. Tamminga
Educational Mismatch and Mobility

Nr 797
Besstremyannaya, G., R. Dasher and S. Golovan
Technological Change, Energy, Environment and Economic Growth in Japan

Nr 796
Elstner, S. and S. Rujin
The Consequences of U.S. Technology Changes for Productivity in Advanced Economies

Nr 795
Börnhorst, C., D. Heger and A. Mensen
Associations of Childhood Health and Financial Situation with Quality of Life after Retirement – Regional Variation across Europe

Nr 794
Frondel, M. and M. Horvath
The U.S. Fracking Boom: Impact on Oil Prices

Nr 793
Frondel, M., G. Kussel and S. Sommer
Heterogeneity in the Price Response of Residential Electricity Demand: A Dynamic Approach for Germany

Nr 792
Görlitz, K., M. Penny and M. Tamm
The Long-Term Effect of Age at School Entry on Competencies in Adulthood

Nr 791
Frondel, M., G. Kussel, S. Sommer and C. Vance
Local Cost for Global Benefit: The Case of Wind Turbines

Ruhr Economic Papers 2018

Nr 790
Andor, M. A., K. M. Fels, J. Renz and S. Rzepka
Do Planning Prompts Increase Educational Success? Evidence from Randomized Controlled Trials in MOOCs

Nr 789
Blagov, B.
Exchange Rate Uncertainty and Import Prices in the Euro Area

Nr 788
Heger, D., A. Herr and A. Mensen
Paying for the View? How Nursing Home Prices Affect Quality of Care

Nr 787
Jahn, V. and M. Steinhardt
Immigration and New Firm Formation – Evidence from a Quasi-experimental Setting in Germany

Nr 786
Bachmann, R., R. Felder and M. Tamm
Labour Market Participation and Atypical Employment over the Life Cycle – A Cohort Analysis for Germany

Nr 785
Buchmann, T., A. Haering, M. Kudic and M. Rothgang
Does Sequential Decision-Making Trigger Collective Investment in Automobile R&D? Experimental evidence

Nr 784
Neumann, U. and L. Taruttis
Sorting in an Urban Housing Market – Is There a Response to Demographic Change?

Nr 783
Bredtmann, J., S. Otten and C. Vonnahme
Linguistic Diversity in the Classroom, Student Achievement, and Social Integration

Nr 782
Thiem, C.
Cross-Category, Trans-Pacific Spillovers of Policy Uncertainty and Financial Market Volatility

Nr 781
Peters, J., M. Sievert and M. Toman
Rural Electrification through Mini-Grids: Challenges Ahead

Nr 780
Alem, Y. and J. Colmer
Consumption Smoothing and the Welfare Cost of Uncertainty

Nr 779
Salm, M. and A. Wübker
Do Higher Hospital Reimbursement Prices Improve Quality of Care?

Nr 778
D'Orazio, P. and L. Popoyan
Fostering Green Investments and Tackling Climate-Related Financial Risks: Which Role for Macroprudential Policies?

Nr 777
Roos, M. W.M.
Values, Attitudes and Economic Behavior

Nr 776
Belke, A. and C. Domnick
Trade and Capital Flows – Substitutes or Complements? An Empirical Investigation

Nr 775
Mitze, T. and P. Breidenbach
Economic Integration and Growth at the Margin: A Space-Time Incremental Impact Analysis

Nr 774
Carrieri, V., L. Madio and F. Principe
Light Cannabis and Organized Crime – Evidence from (Unintended) Liberalization in Italy

Nr 773
Tamm, M.
Fathers’ Parental Leave-Taking, Childcare Involvement and Mothers’ Labor Market Participation

Nr 772
Bachmann, R., R. Felder, S. Schaffner and M. Tamm
Some (Maybe) Unpleasant Arithmetic in Minimum Wage Evaluations – the Role of Power, Significance and Sample Size

Nr 771
Jessen, R. and J. König
Hours Risk, Wage Risk, and Life-Cycle Labor Supply

Nr 770
Andor, M. A., C. Parmeter and S. Sommer
Combining Uncertainty with Uncertainty to Get Certainty? Efficiency Analysis for Regulation Purposes

Nr 769
LeSage, J. P., C. Yao-Yu and C. Vance
Markov Chain Monte Carlo Estimation of Spatial Dynamic Panel Models for Large Samples

Nr 768
Bünnings, C. and V. Schiele
Spring Forward, Don’t Fall Back – The Effect of Daylight Saving Time on Road Safety

Nr 767
Elstner, S., L. P. Feld and C. M. Schmidt
The German Productivity Paradox – Facts and Explanations

Nr 766
Behl, P., H. Dette, M. Frondel and C. Vance
A Focused Information Criterion for Quantile Regression: Evidence for the Rebound Effect

Nr 765
Goetzke, F. and C. Vance
Is Gasoline Price Elasticity in the United States Increasing? Evidence from the 2009 and 2017 National Household Travel Surveys

Nr 764
Tamm, M.
Training and Changes in Job Tasks

Nr 763
Frondel, M. and G. Kussel
Switching on Electricity Demand Response: Evidence for German Households

Nr 762
Jessen, R., M. Metzing and D. Rostam-Afschar
Optimal Taxation Under Different Concepts of Justness

Nr 761
Prüser, J. and A. Schlösser
On the Time-Varying Effects of Economic Policy Uncertainty on the US Economy

Nr 760
Gillitzer, C. and M. Sinning
Nudging Businesses to Pay Their Taxes: Does Timing Matter?

Nr 759
Andor, M. A., M. Frondel and S. Sommer
Equity and the Willingness to Pay for Green Electricity in Germany

Nr 757
Cornelissen, T., C. Dustmann, A. Raute and U. Schönberg
Who Benefits from Universal Child Care? Estimating Marginal Returns to Early Child Care Attendance

Nr 756
Dahal, M. and N. Fiala
What Do We Know about the Impact of Microfinance? The Problems of Power and Precision

Nr 755
Mendolia, S., A. Paloyo and I. Walker
The Effect of Religiosity on Adolescent Risky Behaviors

Nr 754
Barriga, A. and N. Fiala
The Supply Chain for Seed in Uganda: Where Does It All Go Wrong?

Nr 753
Bizoza, A., P. Jäger and A. Simons
Understanding Poverty Dynamics in Rwanda

Nr 752
Fiala, N. and P. Premand
Social Accountability and Service Delivery: Experimental Evidence from Uganda

Nr 751
Schulz, M., D. Urbig and V. Procher
The Role of Hybrid Entrepreneurship in Explaining Multiple Job Holders’ Earnings Structure

Nr 750
Augurzky, B., T. K. Bauer, A. R. Reichert, C. M. Schmidt and H. Tauchmann
Habit Formation, Obesity, and Cash Rewards

Nr 749
Martinez Flores, F.
The Deterrence Effect of Immigration Enforcement in Transit Countries: Evidence from Central American Deportees

Nr 748
Bachmann, R., M. Cim and C. Green
Long-run Patterns of Labour Market Polarisation: Evidence from German Micro Data

Nr 747
Dütschke, E., M. Frondel, J. Schleich and C. Vance
Moral Licensing - Another Source of Rebound?

Nr 746
Baumgarten, D., M. Irlacher and M. Koch
Offshoring and Non-Monotonic Employment Effects across Industries in General Equilibrium

Nr 745
Grimm, M., L. Lenz, J. Peters and M. Sievert
Demand for Off-Grid Solar Electricity – Experimental Evidence from Rwanda

Nr 744
Thiem, C.
Cross-category Spillovers of Economic Policy Uncertainty

Nr 743
Belke, A. and J. Klose
Equilibrium Real Interest Rates, Secular Stagnation, and the Financial Cycle: Empirical Evidence for Euro-Area Member Countries

Nr 742
Simora, M., M. Frondel and C. Vance
Does Financial Compensation Increase the Acceptance of Power Lines? Evidence from Germany

Ruhr Economic Papers 2017

Nr 741
Schaffner, S. and A. Siebert-Meyerhoff
The Effect of Schooling Age on Fertility

Nr 740
Baas, T. and A. Belke
Oil Price Shocks, Monetary Policy and Current Account Imbalances Within a Currency Union

Nr 739
Bruederle, A., J. Peters and G. Roberts
Weather and Crime in South Africa

Nr 738
Andor, M. A., D. Osberghaus and M. Simora
Natural Disasters and Governmental Aid: Is There a Charity Hazard?

Nr 737
Dehos, F.
The Refugee Wave to Germany and Its Impact on Crime

Nr 736
Eilers, L., A. Paloyo and C. Vance
Rental Prices in Germany: A Comparison Between Migrants and Natives

Nr 735
Bredtmann, J., L. Höckel and S. Otten
The Intergenerational Transmission of Gender Role Attitudes: Evidence from Immigrant Mothers-in-Law

Nr 734
Eilers, L.
Is My Rental Price Overestimated? A Small Area Index for Germany

Nr 733
Fischer, M., M. Karlsson, T. Nilsson and N. Schwarz
The Long-Term Effects of Long Terms: Compulsory Schooling Reforms in Sweden

Nr 732
Bachmann, R., P. Bechara and C. Vonnahme
Occupational Mobility in Europe: Extent, Determinants and Consequences

Nr 731
Belke, A. and J. Keil
Fundamental Determinants of Real Estate Prices: A Panel Study of German Regions

Nr 730
Hafner, L., H. Tauchmann and A. Wübker
Does Moderate Weight Loss Affect Subjective Health Perception in Obese Individuals? - Evidence from Field Experimental Data

Nr 729
Simora, M.
The Effect of Financial Compensation on the Acceptance of Power Lines: Evidence from a Randomized Discrete Choice Experiment in Germany

Nr 728
Janisch, L.
Mental Health Assimilation of Australian Immigrants

Nr 727
Neumann, U.
Temporary Agency Employment in Germany – a Strategic “Buffer” for Firms and Regions in the Crisis?

Nr 726
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Minimum Wage: Redistributive or Discriminatory Policy?

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Improving the Forecasts of European Regional Banks’ Profitability with Machine Learning Algorithms

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Firewood, Smoke and Respiratory Diseases in Developing Countries - the Neglected Role of Outdoor Cooking

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Exchange Rate Bands of Inaction and Hysteresis in EU Exports to the Global Economy – The Role of Uncertainty

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Greece and the Troika – Lessons from International Best Practice Cases of Successful Price (and Wage) Adjustment

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Pseudolikelihood Estimation of the Stochastic Frontier Model

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Central Bank Communication – Managing Expectations through the Monetary Dialogue

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Public Beliefs in Social Mobility and High-Skilled Migration

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Waiting Times for Outpatient Treatment in Germany: New Experimental Evidence from Primary Data

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What Makes You ‘Super-Rich’? New Evidence from an Analysis of Football Players’ Earnings

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Accidents Caused by Kerosene Lamps – New Evidence from African Household Data

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Bismarck in the Bedroom? Pension Reform and Fertility: Evidence 1870-2010

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Oil Price Uncertainty and the Business Cycle: Accounting for the Influences of Global Supply and Demand Within a VAR GARCH-In-Mean Framework

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Inflation Expectation Uncertainty, Inflation and the Output Gap

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Do Electricity Prices Matter? Plant-Level Evidence from German Manufacturing

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Financial Consulting: A Qualitative Study on Its Role in Financial Decision Making

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Individualism vs. Collectivism: How Inherited Cultural Values Affect Labor Market Outcomes of Second Generation Immigrants in the US

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Ruhr Economic Papers 2016

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Ageing by Feet? Regional Migration, Neighbourhood Choice and Local Demographic Change in German Cities

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Spillovers of Banking Regulation: The Effect of the German Bank Levy on the Lending Rates of Regional Banks and Their Local Competitors

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The Impact of Cultural Diversity on the German Housing Market

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Fast, Approximate MCMC for Bayesian Analysis of Large Data Sets: A Design Based Approach

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Analyzing Further Training Participation Rates across Waves in the NEPS Data

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Funding Conservation Locally: Insights from Behavioral Experiments in Indonesia

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Enablers of Strong Cookstove Sales through a Purchase Offer Approach in Rural Senegal - An Explorative Analysis

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Care Choices in Europe: To Each According to His Needs?

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Inequalities in Educational Outcomes – How Important Is the Family?

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The Impact of Resource Efficiency Measures on Performance in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

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Austerity and Private Debt

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Negative Price Spikes at Power Markets – The Role of Energy Policy

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Financial Literacy – A Barrier to Seek Financial Advice but not a Shield Against Following it

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Labor Market Returns to College Education with Vocational Qualifications

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Wage Growth, Urbanization, and Firm Characteristics - Evidence for Germany

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Estimating Earnings Assimilation of Immigrants to Germany – Evidence from a Double Cohort Model

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Cohort Size Effects on Wages, Working Status, and Work Time

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Infrastructure and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa – A Review

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Cycling on the Extensive and Intensive Margin – The Role of Paths and Prices

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Explanations or Advice – The Impact of Financial Literacy on Information Acquisition Behavior

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Adaptation to Climate Variability – Evidence from German Households

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Hospital Competition with Heterogeneous Patient Groups – Incentives and Regulation

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On the Exposure of the BRIC Countries to Global Economic Shocks

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Equilibrium Real Interest Rates and Secular Stagnation – An Empirical Analysis for Euro Area Member Countries

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Solar Off-Grid Markets in Africa – Recent Dynamics and the Role of Branded Products

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Does Learning Beget Learning Throughout Adulthood? Evidence from Employees’ Training Participation

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Information, Financial Aid and Training Participation – Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment

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(When) Should a Non-Euro Country Join the Banking Union?

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Unemployment as a Social Norm Revisited – Novel Evidence from German Counties

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Quality Competition and Hospital Mergers - An Experiment

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Decomposing Differences in Health and Inequality Using Quasi-Objective Health Indices

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Local Governments’ Indebtedness and Its Impact on Real Estate Prices

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The Relative Valuation of Gold

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A Decomposition Analysis of Cigarette Consumption Differences between Male Turkish Immigrants and Germans in West Germany 2002-2012

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Heterogeneous Rebound Effects: Comparing Estimates from Discrete-Continuous Models

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Belke, A., D. Gros and T. Osowski
Did Quantitative Easing Affect Interest Rates Outside the US? – New Evidence Based on Interest Rate Differentials

Ruhr Economic Papers 2015

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Monopsonistic Competition, Low-Wage Labour Markets, and Minimum Wages – An Empirical Analysis

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Bachmann, R., M. Penninger and S. Schaffner
The Effect of Minimum Wages on Labour Market Flows – Evidence from Germany

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Can Parental Migration Reduce Petty Corruption in Education?

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Does Parental Unemployment Affect the Quality of their Children’s First Job?

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Is there Heterogeneity in the Response of Consumption to Income Shocks?

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We Could not Care Less about Armington Elasticities – But Should We?

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Exchange Rate Bands of Inaction and Play-Hysteresis in Greek Exports to the Euro Area, the US and Turkey - Sectoral Evidence

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The Macroeconomics of Radical Uncertainty

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Installing Photovoltaics in Germany: A License to Print Money?

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Policy Evaluation, Randomized Controlled Trials, and External Validity – A Systematic Review

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Preferences over Bank and Family Loans in Rural Rwanda

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Systemic Aspects of R&D Policy - Subsidies for R&D Collaborations and Their Effects on Private R&D

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Regional Bank Efficiency and its Effect on Regional Growth in “Normal” and “Bad” Times

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Spillover Effects of Local Human Capital Stock on Adult Obesity – Evidence from German Neighborhoods

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Kind, M.
Start Me Up – How Fathers’ Unemployment Affects their Sons’ School-to-Work Transitions

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Health Shocks and Risk Aversion

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Explaining the Body Mass Index Gaps between Turkish Immigrants and Germans in West Germany 2002-2012 - A Decomposition Analysis of Socio–economic Causes

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The Lighting Transition in Africa – From Kerosene to LED and the Emerging Dry-Cell Battery Problem

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That’s Just - not Fair: Gender Differences in Notions of Justice

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Beyond Balassa and Samuelson – Real Convergence, Capital Flows, and Competitiveness in Greece

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The Nonparametric Approach to Evolutionary Oligopoly

Nr 575
Moghadam, H. M.
Price and Non-Price Competition in Oligopoly – An Analysis of Relative Payoff Maximizers

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Long-Term Care Reform and the Labor Supply of Household Members – Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment

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Time Lags in the Pass-Through of Crude-Oil Prices – Big Data Evidence from the German Gasoline Market

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Card, D., J. Kluve and A. Weber
What Works? A Meta Analysis of Recent Active Labor Market Program Evaluations

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The Long Shadows of Past Insults - Intergenerational Transmission of Health over 130 Years

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Rural Electrification and Domestic Violence in Sub–Saharan Africa

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Planned Fiscal Consolidations and Growth Forecast Errors - New Panel Evidence on Fiscal Multipliers

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Duttle, K.
Disentangling Two Causes of Biased Probability Judgment – Cognitive Skills and Perception of Randomness

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Do Hospitals Respond to Increasing Prices by Supplying Fewer Services?

Nr 566
Micheli, M.
Does Height Affect Labor Supply? Implications of Product Variety and Caloric Needs

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On the Relation between Capital Flows and the Current Account

Nr 564
Zwick, L.
International Liquidity Shocks and Domestic Loan Supply in the Euro Area

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Does Parenthood Make Happy People Happier? A Lifecycle Analysis Using Panel Quantile Regression

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Experimental Evidence on the Long-Term Impacts of a Youth Training Program

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Weight Loss and Sexual Activity in Adult Obese Individuals: Establishing a Causal Link

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Kitlinski, T.
The Robustness of the Effects of Public Investment in Infrastructure on Private Output: Evidence for Germany

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Kitlinski, T. and P. an de Meulen
The Role of Targeted Predictors for Nowcasting GDP with Bridge Models: Application to the Euro Area

Nr 558
Kitlinski, T.
With or Without You - Do Financial Data Help to Forecast Industrial Production?

Nr 557
Jäger, P. and T. Schmidt
The Political Economy of Public Investment when Population is Aging – A Panel Cointegration Analysis

Nr 556
Peters, J. and M. Sievert
Impacts of Rural Electrification Revisited – The African Context

Nr 555
Lenz, L., A. Munyehirwe, J. Peters and M. Sievert
Does Large Scale Infrastructure Investment Alleviate Poverty? Impacts of Rwanda’s Electricity Access Roll-Out Program

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Grimm, M., A. Munyehirwe, J. Peters and M. Sievert
A First Step Up the Energy Ladder? Low Cost Solar Kits and Household’s Welfare in Rural Rwanda

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Görlitz, K. and M. Tamm
The Pecuniary and Non-pecuniary Returns to Voucher-financed Training

Nr 552
Görlitz, K. and M. Tamm
Parenthood and Risk Preferences

Nr 551
Füllbrunn, S. and W. J. Luhan
Am I my Peer‘s Keeper? Social Responsibility in Financial Decision Making

Nr 550
Ludwig, J.
Income Shocks or Insurance - What Determines Consumption Inequality?

Nr 549
Breidenbach, P.
Ready for Take-off? The Economic Effects of Regional Airport Expansion

Nr 548
Belke, A. and D. Gros
Banking Union as a Shock Absorber

Nr 547
Avdic, D. and T. Büyükdurmus
Communication Problems? The Role of Parent-child Communication for the Subsequent Health Behavior of Adolescents

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Kim, D., T. Rhee, K. Ryu and C. Shin
Crowdsourcing of Economic Forecast – Combination of Forecasts Using Bayesian Model Averaging

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Bünnings, C., H. Schmitz, H. Tauchmann and N. R. Ziebarth
How Health Plan Enrollees Value Prices Relative to Supplemental Benefits and Service Quality

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Metzger, L. P.
Alliance Formation in Contests with Incomplete Information

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The Effects of Introducing Mixed Payment Systems for Physicians – Experimental Evidence

Nr 542
Frondel, M., S. Sommer and C. Vance
The Burden of Germany’s Energy Transition – An Empirical Analysis of Distributional Effects

Nr 541
Suppa, N.
Towards a Multidimensional Poverty Index for Germany

Nr 540
Avdic, D. and C. Bünnings
Does the Burglar Also Disturb the Neighbor? Crime Spillovers on Individual Well-being

Nr 539
Döhrn, R. and P. an de Meulen
Weather, the Forgotten Factor in Business Cycle Analyses

Nr 538
Grimm, M. and J. Peters
Beer, Wood, and Welfare

Ruhr Economic Papers 2014

Nr 537
Kairies-Schwarz, N., J. Kokot, M. Vomhof and J. Wessling
How Do Consumers Choose Health Insurance? – An Experiment on Heterogeneity in Attribute Tastes and Risk Preferences

Nr 536
Schaffner, S. and B. Treude
The Effect of Ethnic Clustering on Migrant Integration in Germany

Nr 535
Bechara, P., L. Eilers and A. Paloyo
In Good Company – Neighborhood Quality and Female Employment

Nr 534
aus dem Moore, N.
Corporate Taxation and Investment: Evidence from the Belgian ACE Reform

Nr 533
aus dem Moore, N.
Taxes and Corporate Financing Decisions: Evidence from the Belgian ACE Reform

Nr 532
aus dem Moore, N., T. Kasten and C. M. Schmidt
Do Wages Rise when Corporate Taxes Fall? Evidence from Germany’s Tax Reform 2000

Nr 531
aus dem Moore, N.
Shifting the Burden of Corporate Taxes – Heterogeneity in Direct Wage Incidence

Nr 530
Augurzky, B., T. K. Bauer, A. R. Reichert, C. M. Schmidt and H. Tauchmann
Small Cash Rewards for Big Losers – Experimental Insights Into the Fight Against the Obesity Epidemic

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Brosig-Koch, J., N. Kairies-Schwarz and J. Kokot
Sorting into Physician Payment Schemes – A Laboratory Experiment

Nr 528
Deversi, M.
Do Macroeconomic Shocks Affect Intuitive Inflation Forecasting? An Experimental Investigation

Nr 527
Hentschker, C. and R. Mennicken
Selective-referral and Unobserved Patient Heterogeneity – Bias in the Volume-outcome Relationship

Nr 526
Dudel, C.
A Nonparametric Partially Identified Estimator for Equivalence Scales

Nr 525
Pilny, A. and M. Stroka
Choice of Received Long-term Care – Individual Responses to Regional Nursing Home Provisions

Nr 524
Franke, J., W. Leininger and C. Wasser
Revenue Maximizing Head Starts in Contests

Nr 523
Heufer, J. and P. Hjertstrand
Consistent Subsets – Computationally Feasible Methods to Compute the Houtman-Maks-Index

Nr 522
Kihm, A., N. Ritter and C. Vance
Is the German Retail Gas Market Competitive? A Spatial-temporal Analysis Using Quantile Regression

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Kihm, A. and C. Vance
The Determinants of Equity Transmission Between the New and Used Car Markets – A Hedonic Analysis

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Belke, A. and T. Böing
Sacrifice Ratios for Euro Area Countries – New Evidence on the Costs of Price Stability

Nr 519
Frondel, M., K. Krätschell and L. Zwick
Environmental Management Systems – Does Certification Pay?

Nr 518
Pilny, A.
Mergers and Acquisitions in the German Hospital Market – Who are the Targets?

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“Phantom of the Opera” or “Sex and the City”? Historical Amenities as Sources of Exogenous Variation

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Estonia and the European Monetary Union – Are there Benefits from a „Late“ Accession?

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Are Public and Private R&D Investments Complements or Substitutes?

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Does the Nomination Scheme of the City Manager Matter for Urban Development Policies?

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Computational Economic Modeling of Migration

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Exit Strategies and Their Impact on the Euro Area - A Model Based View

Ruhr Economic Papers 2013

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Local Employer Competition and Training of Workers

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Did Customers Benefit from the Reorganisation of Customer Management in German Employment Agencies?

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Uncertainty and Episodes of Extreme Capital Flows in the Euro Area

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Efficient Formulas and Computational Efficiency for Glove Games

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German Real Estate Funds – Changes in Return Distributions and Portfolio Favourability

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Democratic Peace – A Principal-Agent Approach

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Asymmetry – Resurrecting the Roots

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How Much Should an Investor Trust the Startup Entrepreneur? A Network Model

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Non-Standard Monetary Policy Measures – Magic Wand or Tiger by the Tail?

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A Level Playing Field – An Optimal Weighting Scheme of Dismissal Protection Characteristics

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Finance Access of SMEs: What Role for the ECB?

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Impact of a Low Interest Rate Environment - Global Liquidity Spillovers and the Search-for-yield

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Transportation Data as a Tool for Nowcasting Economic Activity – The German Road Pricing System as an Example

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Ruhr Economic Papers 2012

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Multigenerational Living Arrangements among Migrants

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Long-run Trends or Short-run Fluctuations – What Establishes the Correlation between Oil and Food Prices?

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Generating Random Optimising Choices

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Gender Segregation and Gender Wage Differences during the Early Labour Market Career

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Time vs. Money – The Supply of Voluntary Labor and Charitable Donations across Europe

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The Employment Effect of Industry-Specific, Collectively-Bargained Minimum Wages

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Modifying Taylor Reaction Functions in Presence of the Zero-Lower-Bound – Evidence for the ECB and the Fed

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A Theory of Child Adoption

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Oil Price Effects on Land Use Competition – An Empirical Analysis

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Do Coalitions Really Cause Larger Government Expenditures? – Mixed Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design

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The Costs of Babylon – Linguistic Distance in Applied Economics

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an de Meulen, P. and C. Bredemeier
A Political Winner’s Curse: Why Preventive Policies Pass Parliament so Narrowly

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Heterogeneity in the Effect of Home Energy Audits – Theory and Evidence

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Empirical Evidence on the Generalized Taylor Principle

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Item Nonresponse in Wages: Testing for Biased Estimates in Wage Equations

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P4P, Reputation and the Reduction of Costly Overprovision

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Teaching in the Lab: Financial Incentives in the Education Process

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Belau, J.
A New Outside Option Value for Networks: The Kappa-Value – Measuring Distribution of Power of Political Agreements

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A Recipe for Success? Randomized Free Distribution of Improved Cooking Stoves in Senegal

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Revealed Preference and Nonparametric Analysis – Continuous Extensions and Recoverability

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Group Membership and Communication in Modified Dictator Games

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Gender Differences in Further Training Participation – The Role of Individuals, Households and Firms

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Are My Neighbours Ageing Yet? Local Dimensions of Demographic Change in German Cities

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Like Father, Like Son: Inheriting and Bequeathing

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Pricing Synthetic CDOs Using a Three Regime Random-Factor-Loading Model

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Lottery versus All-Pay Auction Contests – A Revenue Dominance Theorem

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Heterogeneity in the Correlates of Motorized and Non-Motorized Travel in Germany – The Intervening Role of Gender

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Board Accountability and Risk Taking in Banking – Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment

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Structural Change and Spurious Persistence in Stochastic Volatility

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On Interaction Effects: The Case of Heckit and Two-Part Models

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Özyurt, S. and T. Mitze
The Spatial Dimension of Trade- and FDI-driven Productivity Growth in Chinese Provinces – A Global Cointegration Approach

Ruhr Economic Papers 2011

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Görlitz, K. and M. Tamm
Revisiting the Complementarity between Education and Training – The Role of Personality, Working Tasks and Firm Effects

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Bensch, G. and J. Peters
Combating Deforestation? – Impacts of Improved Stove Dissemination on Charcoal Consumption in Urban Senegal

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Decomposing the Ins and Outs of Cyclical Unemployment

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The Washroom Game

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Gender Differences in the Intergenerational Earnings Mobility of Second-Generation Migrants

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Impact Evaluation of Productive Use – An Implementation Guideline for Electrification Projects

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Linguistic Distance and the Language Fluency of Immigrants

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Nonlinear Adjustment, Purchasing Power Parity and the Role of Nominal Exchange Rates and Prices

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There Goes the Neighborhood? – People‘s Attitudes and the Effects of Immigration to Australia

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Does Delegation Help to Prevent Spiteful Behavior?

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Crime, Inequality, and the Private Provision of Security

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The Hidden Increase in Wage Inequality: Skill-biased and Ability-biased Technological Change

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Do Guns Displace Books? – The Impact of Compulsory Military Service on Educational Attainment

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Productivity and the Internationalization of Firms – Cross-border Acquisitions versus Greenfield Investments

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Thrifty Wives and Lavish Husbands? – Bargaining Power and Financial Dicisions in Germany

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Modeling Energy and Non-energy Substitution – A Survey of Elasticities

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Reputation and Mechanism Choice in Procurement Auctions – An Experiment

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Communication and Reputation in Procurement Auctions – Some Empirical Evidence

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Training + Temp Work = Stepping Stone? – Evaluating an Innovative Activation Program for Disadvantaged Youths

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Student Loan Reforms for German Higher Education: Financing Tuition Fees

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Volatility Patterns of CDS, Bond and Stock Markets Before and During the Financial Crisis – Evidence from Major Financial Institutions

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Current Account Imbalances in the Euro Area: Catching up or Competitiveness?

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Does Monetary Policy Affect Stock Market Uncertainty? – Empirical Evidence from the United States

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Beyond GDP and Back: What is the Value-added by Additional Components of Welfare Measurement?

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Long-run Money Demand in OECD Countries – Cross-Member Cointegration

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Outside Options in Probabilistic Coalition Situations

Ruhr Economic Papers 2010

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The Effect of Student Time Allocation on Academic Achievement

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Broke, Ill, and Obese: The Effect of Household Debt on Health

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Reinforcing EU Governance in Times of Crisis: The Commission Proposals and Beyond

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Rural Electrification in Rwanda – An Impact Assessment Using Matching Techniques

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Demographic Structure and the Security of Property Rights in Developing Countries – An Empirical Exploration

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International Trade and Worker Turnover – Empirical Evidence for Germany

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Heterogeneity in the Rebound Effect – Further Evidence for Germany

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Testing the Neoclassical Migration Model: Overall and Age-Group Specific Results for German Regions

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Brother Sun, Sister Moon: The Lunar Cycle, Sunspots and the Frequency of Births

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The Impact of Demographic Change, Co-morbidity and European Care Policies on the Choice of Care Arrangement

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Are Immigrants Graded Worse in Primary and Secondary Education? – Evidence for German Schools

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Within and Between Panel Cointegration in the German Regional Output-Trade-FDI Nexus

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Inter-ethnic Marriage and Partner Satisfaction

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Distributional Changes in the Gender Wage Gap

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The Inefficiency of Market Transparency – A Model with Endogenous Entry

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Getting What (Employers Think) You’re Worth – Evidence on the Gender Gap in Entry Wages among University Graduates

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Exporters and the Rise in Wage Inequality – Evidence from German Linked Employer-Employee Data

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Monetary Policy, Commodity Prices and Infl ation – Empirical Evidence from the US

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Explaining Differences in Remuneration Rates of Nursing Homes in Germany

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Inattentive Voters and Welfare-State Persistence

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Imperfect Information and the Meltzer-Richard Hypothesis

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The Core of an Extended Tree Game: A New Characterisation

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Local Determinants of Crime: Do Military Bases Matter?

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Optimal Taxation of Education with an Initial Endowment of Human Capital

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Rarely Enjoyed? – A Count Data Analysis of Ridership

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A Monthly Consumption Indicator for Germany Based on Internet Search Query Data

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The Euro Area Crisis Management Framework – Consequences and Institutional Follow-ups

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Compulsory Military Service in Germany Revisited

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Network Dependency in Migration Flows – A Space-time Analysis for Germany since Re-unification

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Taxing Human Capital: A Good Idea

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Information or Institution? – On the Determinants of Forecast Accuracy

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The Intra-household Division of Labor – An Empirical Analysis of Spousal Influences on Individual Time Allocation

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Strategic Technology Investments in Open Economies

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Is there a Future for Small Hospitals in Germany?

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Continuous Training and Wages – An Empirical Analysis Using a Comparison-group Approach

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Parasites and Raven Mothers: A German-Japanese Comparison on (Lone) Motherhood

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Driven by the Markets? ECB Sovereign Bond Purchases and the Securities Markets Programme

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Home Firm Performance after Foreign Investments and Divestitures

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Energy Consumption and Economic Growth – New Insights into the Cointegration Relationship

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Rural Electrification and Manufacturing Firm Performance in Benin – An Ex-Ante Impact Assessment

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Labour Market Entry Conditions, Wages and Job Mobility

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Risky Business – The Role of Individual Risk Attitudes in Occupational Choice

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Does Affirmative Action Reduce Effort Incentives? – A Contest Game Analysis

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How Much Fiscal Backing Must the ECB Have? – The Euro Area is not the Philippines

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Financial Crisis, Global Liquidity and Monetary Exit Strategies

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Land Conversion and Market Equilibrium – Insights from a Simulated Landscape

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The Regional Economic Effects of Military Base Realignments and Closures in Germany

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One Last Puff? – Public Smoking Bans and Smoking Behavior

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Quasiconcave Preferences and Choices on a Probability Simplex – A Nonparametric Analysis

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Wage and Employment Effects of Workplace Representation – A ”Right To Co-Manage” Model

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Practice and Prospects of Medium-term Economic Forecasting

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Current Account Balances and Structural Adjustment in the Euro Area

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European Monetary Policy and the ECB Rotation Model - Voting Power of the Core versus the Periphery

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Global Integration of Central and Eastern European Financial Markets – The Role of Economic Sentiments

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Public Smoking Bans, Youth Access Laws, and Cigarette Sales at Vending Machines

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Kvasnicka, M. and H. Tauchmann
Much Ado About Nothing? – Smoking Bans and Germany’s Hospitality Industry

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Is Euro Area Money Demand (Still) Stable? - Cointegrated VAR versus Single Equation Techniques

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The Effect of Saving Subsidies on Household Saving – Evidence from Germany

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Who Feels Constrained by High Debt Burdens? - Subjective vs. Objective Measures of Household Indebtedness

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Long-term Care Responsibility and its Opportunity Costs

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Belke, A., I. G. Bordon and T. W Hendriks
Monetary Policy, Global Liquidity and Commodity Price Dynamics

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(How) Do the ECB and the Fed React to Financial Market Uncertainty? – The Taylor Rule in Times of Crisis

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Demographic Change and the Labour Share of Income

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Transferability of Human Capital and Immigrant Assimilation - An Analysis for Germany

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Moral Hazard in a Mutual Health-Insurance System: German Knappschaften, 1867-1914

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The Effect of Self-assessed Job Security on the Demand for Medical Rehab

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The Impact of Foreign Acquisitions on the Investors' R&D Activities - Firm-level Evidence

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Fixed, Random, or Something in Between? - A Variant of HAUSMAN's Specification Test for Panel Data Estimators

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The Effects of Cross-border M&As on the Acquirers' Domestic Performance - Firm-level Evidence

Ruhr Economic Papers 2009

Nr 158
Heufer, J.
In Vino Veritas: The Economics of Drinking

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Schmidt, C. M., J. Mensah and J. R. Oppong
Ghana's National Health Insurance Scheme in the Context of the Health MDGs - An Empirical Evaluation Using Propensity Score Matching

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Economic Impacts from the Promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies - The German Experience

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Forecasting Private Consumption – Survey-based Indicators vs. Google Trends

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Why Are More Boys Born During War? Evidence from Germany at Mid Century

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Do Parents Buy Their Children's Attention?

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Meng, A.
Informal Home Care and Labor Force Participation of Household Members

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Female Hires and the Success of Start-up Firms

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Keese, M.
Triggers and Determinants of Severe Household Indebtedness in Germany

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Women's Fertility and Employment Decisions under Two Political Systems - Comparing East and West Germany before Reunification

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When Does It Hurt? The Exchange Rate "Pain Threshold" for German Exports

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Belke, A., G. Schnabl and H. Zemanek
Real Convergence, Capital Flows, and Competitiveness in Central and Eastern Europe

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Competition and Gender Prejudice: Are Discriminatory Employers Doomed to Fail?

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Now Daddy's Changing Diapers and Mommy's Making Her Career - Evaluating a Generous Parental Leave Regulation Using a Natural Experiment

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The Effect of Subsidizing Continuous Training Investments - Evidence from German Establishment Data

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Public Policy and Success of Business Start-ups in Germany

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Co-pay and Feel Okay: Evidence of Illusory Health Gains from a Health Insurance Reform

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Evaluating the Labor-Market Effects of Compulsory Military Service - A Regression-Discontinuity Approach

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Taxing Education in Ramsey's Tradition

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Labor Force Status Dynamics in the German Labor Market - Individual Heterogeneity and Cyclical Sensitivity

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On Marginal and Interaction Effects: The Case of Heckit and Two-Part Models

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Neighborhood Diversity and the Appreciation of Native- and Immigrant-Owned Homes

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Evaluating Rural Electrification Projects - Methodological Approaches

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The Importance of Global Shocks for National Policy Makers - Rising Challenges for Central Banks

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Beckmann, J., A. Belke and M. Kühl
How Stable Are Monetary Models of the Dollar-Euro Exchange Rate? - A Time-varying Coefficient Approach

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Belke, A. and J. Klose
Does the ECB Rely on a Taylor Rule? - Comparing Ex-post with Real Time Data

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Does Higher Cost Inefficiency Imply Higher Profit Inefficiency? - Evidence on Inefficiency and Ownership of German Hospitals

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Prospective NATO or EU Membership and Institutional Change in Transition Countries

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Franke, J., C. Kanzow, W. Leininger and A. Väth
Effort Maximization in Asymmetric N-person Contest Games

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Benefiting from Publicly Funded Pre-competitive Research - Differences between Insiders and Outsiders

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Belke, A. and D. Gros
A Simple Model of an Oil Based Global Savings Glut – The “China Factor” and the OPEC Cartel

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Aid, Spending Strategies and Productivity Effects – A Multi-sectoral CGE Analysis for Zambia

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Private Equity, Investment and Financial Constraints – Firm-Level Evidence for France and the United Kingdom

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Basilio, L.
Deciding who works where? An Analysis of the Distribution of Work within Native and Immigrant Families in Australia

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The Importance of Two-Sided Heterogeneity for the Cyclicality of Labour Market Dynamics

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Ownership and Financial Performance in the German Hospital Sector

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Nickel and Dimed German Style: The Working Poor in Germany

Nr 121
Haisken-DeNew, J. P. and M. Vorell
Killing them with Kindness: Negative Distributional Externalities of Increasing UI Benefits

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The Impact of Private versus Social Health Insurance on Offered Waiting Times in German Acute Care Hospitals

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Schwierz, C. and A. Wübker
Determinants of Avoidable Deaths from Ischaemic Heart Diseases in East and West Germany

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Schaffner, S.
Heterogeneity in the Cyclical Sensitivity of Job-to-Job Flows

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Social Jealousy and Stigma: Negative Externalities of Social Assistance Payments in Germany

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Conflict Networks

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Hörmann, M. and A. Schabert
An Interest Rate Peg Might Be Better than You Think

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Felder, S. and A. Olbrich
Dealing with Excessive Off-label Drug Use: Liability vs. Patent Prolongation

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Capital Taxation, Long-run Growth, and Bequests

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Felder, S. and H. Tauchmann
Regional Differences in the Efficiency of Health Production: an Artefact of Spatial Dependence?

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Engel, D. and V. Procher
Export, FDI and Productivity - Evidence for French Firms

Nr 110
Grösche, P.
Housing, Energy Cost, and the Poor - Counteracting Effects in Germany's Housing Allowance Program

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Bauer, T. K. and M. Sinning
The Purpose of Remittances - Evidence from Germany

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Baumgarten, D.
International Outsourcing, the Nature of Tasks, and Occupational Stability - Empirical Evidence for Germany

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Fertig, M., C. M. Schmidt and M. Sinning
The Impact of Demographic Change on Human Capital Accumulation

Nr 106
Schwierz, C.
Expansion in Markets with Decreasing Demand - For-Profits in the German Hospital Industry

Nr 105
Schwierz, C., B. Augurzky and J. Wasem
Does the Quality of Hospital Treatment Vary by Days of the Week?

Nr 104
Frondel, M., C. M. Schmidt and C. Vance
Measuring Energy Supply Risks: A G7 Ranking

Nr 103
Frondel, M. and C. Vance
Driving for Fun? - A Comparison of Weekdays and Weekend Travel

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Belke, A., I. G. Bordon and T. W Hendriks
Global Liquidity and Commodity Prices - A Cointegrated VAR Approach for OECD Countries

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Schweineberger, A. G. and J. Suedekum
De-Industrialisation, Entrepreneurial Industries and Welfare

Nr 100
Procher, V.
Agglomeration Effects and the Location of Foreign Direct Investment – Evidence from French First-Time Movers

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Grösche, P., C. M. Schmidt and C. Vance
Identifying Free-Riding in Energy-Conservation Programs Using Revealed Preference Data

Nr 098
Tamm, M.
The Impact of a Large Parental Leave Benefit Reform on the Timing of Birth around the Day of Implementation

Nr 097
Tamm, M.
Child Benefit Reform and Labor Market Participation

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Alecke, B., T. Mitze and G. Untiedt
Internal Migration, Regional Labour Market Dynamics and Implications for German East-West Disparities - Results from a Panel VAR

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Brenner, J.
Life-Cycle Variations in the Association between Current and Lifetime Earnings - Evidence for German Natives and Guest Workers

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Belke, A. and N. Potrafke
Does Government Idelogy Matter in Monetary Poliy? - A Panel Data Analysis for OECD Countries

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Braun, S. and M. Kvasnicka
Men, Women, and the Ballot - Woman Suffrage in the United States

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Gu, Y. and T. Wenzel
Product Variety, Price Elasticity of Demand and Fixed Cost in Spatial Models

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Bredemeier, C. and F. Jüßen
Household Labor Supply and Home Services in a General-Equilibrium Model with Heterogeneous Agents

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Kunze, L. and C. Schuppert
Financing Social Security by Taxing Capital Income - A Bad Idea?

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Vance, C. and M. Mehlin
Tax Policy and CO2 Emissions - An Econometric Analysis of the German Automobile Market

Nr 088
Belke, A.
Fiscal Stimulus Packages and Uncertainty in Times of Crisis - The Option of Waiting Can Be Valuable, Though!

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