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The RWI Research Network comprises economists from domestic and international institutions who regularly collaborate with the Institute in the field of economic research and policy advice. Researchers at the RWI are engaged in many scientific co-operations around the world. The RWI Research Network institutionalises these co-operations, thereby strengthening the international dimension of academic research and evidence-based policy consulting of the Institute. Fellows must be nominated by RWI researchers and are granted access to the network after successful evaluation by an internal committee.

Membership in the RWI Research Network affords several benefits, including access to RWI datasets as well as to funding for potential research stays at RWI. Furthermore, the network connects researchers that are interested in economic research and evidence-based policy advice.

The international networking activities of the RWI Research Network are currently complemented by the RWI Transatlantic Research Exchange, a scientific exchange programme with North American research institutions in the field of economics.

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