Education & Lectures

Education and Lectures at RWI

RWI organizes different seminars, where external researchers or RWI staff can present scientific papers or latest research results.

To support the development of its young scientists, RWI offers a range of opportunities to broaden and deepen their knowledge. The interests of the PhD candidates are promoted by the PhD representatives.


Dr. Gerhard Kussel

Assistant to the Board of Directors
Phone: +49 (201) 8149-214

PhD Representation

Anne Mensen
Tel.: (201) 8149-352

Gökay Demir
Tel.: (0201) 8149-238

International research and presentations: Conferences, summer schools, stays abroad

Conference participation

The RWI actively encourages its doctoral students and post-docs to present their research at national or international conferences (such as the annual congress of the Verein für Socialpolitik or of the European Economic Association).

Summer schools

The institute supports the attendance of summer schools by its doctoral students if a positive contribution to the quality of the dissertation can be expected.

Stays abroad

Research stays at other – especially foreign – universities are supported by the institute if the doctoral studies can be enhanced, knowledge in a new research area can be acquired or a research topic is advanced to such an extent that its publication in a peer-reviewed journal can be expected. Such stays abroad are supported both financially as well as on an organizational level. During the past three years, there were 12 stays at external institutions and data centers.

The RWI’s doctoral students are involved with projects financed by internal and external funds. Their dissertations usually deal with a topic pertaining to a project they worked on. Through such endeavors, experience in practical scientific research can be gained, such as writing an application for research funds, communicating with the client, and presenting own results.

After graduation: Support of post-docs

Post-doctoral researchers are supported to develop quickly into independent research and project leaders. For example, they assume leadership responsibilities (department, research group or project leadership), raise external funds, supervise and support doctoral students and help develop the institute’s research orientation together with the Board of Directors. The RWI supports and encourages efforts of post-docs to successfully complete a “Habilitation” or an equivalent research track record so that, in the medium term, a professorship at a university or a leading position at the RWI or at another research institute becomes a viable option.