Mission Statement

Mission of the RWI: Research with impact

The RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research is a leading center for scientific research and evidence-based policy advice in Germany. Our work bridges academics with practice by applying state-of-the-art science to economic policy consulting.

The spectrum of RWI’s work spans the core fields of economics, including labor markets, education, health, public finance, and energy and climate. Our research is independent and predicated on excellence, making RWI an established contributor to the advancement of economic research.

The overarching goals of the RWI are captured through the motto “Research with impact.” Impact is delivered through three channels. First, owing to its practical relevance, the research of the RWI has a policy impact by influencing political deliberations. Second, our research meets the highest scientific standards, as evidenced by regular publications in peer-reviewed journals with a high impact factor. Third, among our key competencies is the execution of robust impact evaluations, applied in both our consulting and research.

We see ourselves as a provider of objective and non-partisan analysis to decision-makers in the public and private sectors. Working from the premise that the economy is of relevance to everyone, we aim to educate the public on basic economic principles in order to foster an informed debate on economic policy questions.  We are also service providers to the scientific community through the Ruhr-Data Center (FDZ Ruhr), a publicly accessible data repository for non-commercial research.  

We offer our young scholars high-quality educational opportunities that emphasize both practical applications and a solid scientific foundation. The RWI’s flexible organizational structure facilitates quick adaptation to new developments and innovations in the research community. Our employees work in a family-friendly environment that is premised on equal opportunity.

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